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Popularisation & Populism in the Visual Arts

Popularisation and Populism in the Visual Arts, Ed: Anna Schober, London: Routledge, 2019.

Including a text of mine: „Facing Everybody? Composite Portraiture as Representation of a Common Face“ (Raul Gschrey)

This book investigates the pictorial figurations, aesthetic styles and visual tactics through which visual art and popular culture attempt to appeal to “all of us”. Scholars from several European countries discuss a key figure these practices bring into play—the “everybody”—in an interdisciplinary way. The contributions focus on the operation and genealogies of popularisation and communication practices, which can assume populist forms, in contemporary democracies. They also address the ambivalences of attraction, i.e. the ways in which visual creations evoke for example desire as well as hatred, invite identification or produce rejection and trigger mimicry as well as conversion processes.

On_Culture released

On_Culture: The Open Journal for the Study of Culture

Release of the Pilot Issue on “Emergence/Emergency” (No. 01/ Spring 2016)

On_Culture is an open access e-journal, conceptualized and edited by researchers at the GCSC. The focus of the journal is on transparency and openness as well as reflexivity and processes of metaization in dealing with concepts in the study of culture. Therefore, the journal hosts a wide range of formats and modes of presentation: peer-reviewed scholarly articles and review essays as well as artistic and experimental contributions.

On_Culture serves as a platform for all those who wish to reflect collaboratively upon current discourses in the study of culture. We propose the development of emergent themes, concepts, and methods as a collective process. Our aim is to facilitate this process and to disclose the cultural dynamics at work in it.

Articles by (in order of apperance): Alexander Scherr, Anna Ovaska, Pınar Gümüş, Silke Braselmann, Wibke Schniedermann, Anna Weigel, Hubertus Kohle, Ana Lúcia Migowski, Alesya Krit, Katja Wehde, Raul Gschrey, Ronja Trischler, Melina Kalfelis, Andressa Schröder…

Addressing each and every one

Workshop: Addressing each and every one: Popularisation/populism through the visual arts

April 21 and 22 2016, Justus Liebig University Gießen, Main Building (Ludwigstrasse 23), 3th floor, Seminar-Raum

The workshop brings together scholars from art history, film studies, theatre studies, political theory, sociology and philosophy of religion from several European countries. It discusses the ways (iconic figurations, aesthetic styles, rhetoric figures etc.) through which visual culture addresses its audience and gets involved in the constitution of a public sphere. It is in particular interested in how the visual arts – understood as both visual popular culture as well as fine arts – becomes involved in popularisation practices and populist criticism.

The workshop approaches this subject by focusing on the central iconic figure that these practices bring into play: the “everybody” (which stands for “all of us”, but is at the same time also a “nobody”, a “common man”, a “common woman” and sometimes even a “new man” or a “new woman”). It presents spotlights of a genealogy and an iconography of the everybody and discusses political and philosophical theories about how the mediating force of this iconic figuration can be understood and valuated. In doing so, the workshop pays particular attention to the ambivalent role this figure plays, especially in most recent history, in triggering both desire and enthusiasm as well as resentment and hate.

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Call: For What It’s Worth

I would like to draw your attention to a call for artistic contributions
that will be presented during the graduate conference on „For What It’s Worth: Nostalgia, Sustainability and the Values of the Present“ at the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC) Giessen, from 28 – 30 April 2016. The conference team and the exhibition organisers intend to facilitate _Creative Encounters _between academic research and artistic research. +

Download the call As Pdf.

THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS JAN. 10TH, 2016. The GCSC can offer a contribution to the travel expenses as well as to the material expenses of the selected artists/researchers. For information and submissions, please contact:

Visualizing “Law’s Pluralities”: Artistic Practice and Legal Culture

Interactive lecture by Raul Gschrey (Frankfurt and Giessen, GCSC, artist and curator) in the context of Prof. Greta Olson’s lecture series „Cultural Approaches to Law and US American Legal Culture”

15.06.2015 16.00 ct  – Liebig University Giessen, Phil I, A4

The interactive lecture series „Cultural Approaches to Law and US American Legal Culture” invites its participants to understand law not as an independent body of rules but as inseparable from culture, narrative, images, and political economy. The particular focus of the individual lectures will be on US American legal culture(s). Guest lectures by scholars in cultural legal studies, political science, anthropology, and US American history will enable participants to examine law from several perspectives.

Techniques of Remembering and Forgetting

Techniques of Remembering and Forgetting

05.05. – 10.06.2015 Café Amelie, Walltorstr. 17, Giessen.

21.05.2015 Ana Bilankov: “In War and Revolution” (film screening)

For the period May 5 through June 10, 2015 the full exhibition will be shown in Café Amelie in Giessen’s Walltorstr. 17. There will be a gala event on Thursday, May 21, 2015 from 6-8:30 pm with prosecco and finger food.  In addition to opening words by Alexandra Müller, we will have a special guest with us for the evening. Ana Bilankov, a Croatian filmmaker, who deals with the topic of cultural amnesia will present her experimental documentary entitled “In War and Revolution” (2011) and answer questions.  This short film deals with the personal and cultural amnesia that occurred during and following the war in Croatia in the early 1990s.  Her work brings up questions of the possibility of fixing time and memory through artwork.

Law’s Pluralities

Law’s Pluralities ׀ Conference & Exhibition 06.05. – 09.05.2015

06.05. – 24.05.2015 exhibition at „Neuer Kunstverein Giessen“ & during the conference „Law’s Pluralities“ at Liebig University Giessen, Germany. Artists: Il-Jin Choi ׀ Raul Gschrey ׀ Mi You ׀ Manu Lutsch

In May 2015 the conference “Law’s Pluralities” will take place at Justus Liebig University Giessen/Germany. In a series of keynote presentations by experts and in panel sessions and discussions, as well as in an exhibition it will explore cultural constructions of law.

The interrogation of the cultural construction and negotiation of legal practices in the conference „Law’s Pluralities“ offers an interesting occasion for the presentation of an exhibition of artistic works dealing with the topic. The international artistic positions reflect on the social and legal frameworks and find means to visualise phenomena that often remain abstract. Furthermore here the artistic interventions themselves contribute to the differentiation and development of “legal writing”. Through their explorations, contestations and subversions, they participate in an alternative production of knowledge and function as mediators of and shape legal practices. The exhibition will be located at the conference venue and in the close-by “Neuer Giessner Kunstverein”, a local art association. This will expand the exhibition’s and conference’s reception towards a non-academic public open the discourse on the politically and socially relevant topic to a larger public. Among others works by Il-Jin Choi, Raul Gschrey, Mi You & Manu Luksch will be shown.

The conference and exhibition is organized at Justus Liebig University Giessen by the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC) in cooperation with the  Department of English, the Rudolf-von-Jhering Institute, and in cooperation with the Neuer Kunstverein Giessen.

Concerning Violence

Concerning Violence: Film Screening
04.02.2015, 18.00, Café Amélie, Walltorstr. 17, Gießen
2014, Regie: Göran Hugo Olsson, basierend auf Texten Frantz Fanons, gesprochen von Lauryn Hill. Mit einem Vorwort von Prof. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. Englisch, Schwedisch, Portugiesisch mit deutschen Untertiteln. Eintritt Frei.
Auf der Grundlage von Frantz Fanons Buch „Die Verdammten dieser Erde“ erzählt der Film von den Aufständen, die zur Entkolonialisierung Afrikas führen sollten. Regisseur Olsson konzentriert sich dabei auf Archivmaterial, das schwedische Dokumentarfilmer und Fernsehjournalisten zwischen 1966 und 1984 in Afrika aufgenommen haben. Aufnahmen von der Befreiungsbewegung in Angola, der Frelimo in Mozambique und dem Unabhängigkeitskampf in Guinea-Bissau werden dokumentarische Bilder von schwedischen Missionaren in Tansania und einem Streik in einer schwedischen Mine in Liberia gegenübergestellt. Die Musikerin Lauryn Hill erweckt die polarisierenden Texte Fanons zum Leben, die das Bildmaterial strukturieren und kommentieren. Nach dem Film gibt es Gelegenheit zur Diskussion. AG Migration & Coloniality, GCSC, JLU Gießen.

the end of the flagpole (landscape)

Performance by Raul Gschrey during the conference & exhibition: Material Matters in Times of Crisis Capitalism: Transnational Feminist and Decolonial Approaches, 13th – 15th November 2014, Justus-Liebig University, Giessen after the keynote of Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak.

MatMat_mast09k MatMat_mast11k MatMat_mast10k MatMat_mast12k MatMat_mast13k MatMat_mast07k MatMat_mast04k MatMat_mast06k MatMat_mast01k

Performance: Maria Cristache, Danae Gallo González & Raul Gschrey; drums: David Scheller; photos: Sandra Krorr & Raul Gschrey

Experiencing Space – Spacing Experience

The publication Experiencing Space – Spacing Experience: Concepts, Practices, and Materialities of the GCSC conference at  Ruhrtriennale 2013 was finally released. The book is available at WVT Verlag. Containing also one of my articles:

Raul Gschrey: „Opening the Closed Circuit: Artistic Practices in Spaces under Surveillance.“ In: Experiencing Space – Spacing Experience: Concepts, Practices, and Materialities.Berning, Nora; Schulte, Philipp; Schwanecke, Christine (eds.) Trier: WVT, 2014, 259-273.

Table of Contents

Interdisciplinary approaches to the intersection of space and experience, which comprise an emerging research topic in the study of culture, are few and far between. This conceptual volume maps the rapidly developing international field of research related to the presentation and representation of spatial experience as well as the experiential interfaces of space and experience – particularly in light of new directions in research, which include the exploration of space as a ‘cultural-theoretical’ or ‘psychogeographical’ category. Weiterlesen