„grenzlinien“ @ UB Giessen

The exhibition and publication project “grenzlinien/borderlines” brings together artistic, scientific and political positions on borders, border crossings and migration. Originating in the exhibition, a wide ranging examination of the topic evolved, that reflects and develops the interest of the artistic works in theoretical positions. Also in the presentation in the university library Giessen the artistic-visual and textual contributions meet on equal terms; they complement each other and and question the established borders between arts and science and politics. Euro-pallets, which have become a symbol for transnational movement, are used as exhibition architecture.

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The refugee tragedies and the intensifying situation in the Mediterranean in the past weeks give the topic a sad timeliness. The connection to the project becomes obvious in its focus on Lampedusa as a central route for irregular migration to Europe. The artist works, academic and political texts however remain not in the realm of the descriptive, they are developing new Imagery, question the backgrounds and European politics and stimulate critical thinking, also about our personal position in relation to the topic.

The Land In Between

14.01.2014 18.00 Finissage + Filmscreening
„Im Land Dazwischen“/“The Land In Between“ (English subtitles)

The finissage offers the last opportunity to visit, have a drink and discuss about the exhibition. We will also be showing the documentary „The Land in Between“ of the Frankfurt-based filmmaker Melanie Gärtner, who will be present for an exchange after the screening. “The Land In Between” follows the stories of the three protagonists Blade Cyrille (Cameroon), Sekou (Mali) and Babu (India). On their way to Europe they find themselves in a place from which they can move neither forward nor backwards. In Ceuta, a Spanish exclave on the Northern coast of Morocco, they are so close. But the Fortress Europe is shutting down its frontiers. Does this mean their dreams of Europe are really over? The documentary accompanies the young men in their everyday life and records their attempts to deal with the situation … and to get out.