U!RBAN Commons School

Englischsprachiger Artikel über die ‘Urban Commons School: Commoning the Post-Covid City‘ die im Rahmen unseres MA Programms im Oktober 2021 in Frankfurt statt fand. Auch verügbar auf der Website des U!REKA network.

What could urban living look line in the future?

Students and lecturers from all over Europe came together for the ‘Urban Commons School: Commoning the Post-Covid City’ in Frankfurt from 6-9 October 2021, to learn from each other and exchange perspectives on life in our future cities. This autumn school was hosted by the U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons, an interdisciplinary blended learning and research programme focusing on urban commons and other co-creation initiatives in the participating U!REKA partner cities: Amsterdam, Ghent, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Lisbon and Ostrava.