2018-2020 Coaching and curatorial supervision of the artistic intermedia exhibitions of the master program „Performative Arts in Social Fields“ (Frankfurt UAS) in art and cultural locations in Frankfurt.

Hybrid Expo: CriticPerformanceVideoWalkingSoundFairytaleGraffitiArtMonument (2020): During the partial covid lockdown, the public space and online space became exhibition locations. Performances, installations, videos and photographs were shown in different locations, behind gallery windows, on walls of houses, in parks and on streets of downtown Frankfurt (including Galerie Greulich, YokYok, Galerie umweg by PUNKT).

körper/arbeit/räume, AtelierFrankfurt (2019): Work, its physical, spatial and social factors were central to the exhibition, which reflected on sense and nonsense, on activity and doing nothing, wage labor and self-realization in a place of artistic creation.

fremdlichkeit, Pop-Up Event Location OSTSTERN (2018): In their artistic works, students transcend the boundaries of media formats and genres, thus opening up new intermedial perspectives on the self and the foreign, the human body and its representations.

ab/aus/ein DRUCK, AtelierFrankfurt (2017): In various artistic stations, visitors were invited to take a new, interactive look at themselves and their environment – at the imprint and expression of the human being that is reflected as an impression in the other person.

2015-2017 „con[SPACE]“ – the new video gallery in the studio house Atelierfrankfurt. Curated together with Michaela Filla-Raquin. [artists: sternmorgenstern, Michel Klöfkorn, Sandip Shah, Florian Tuercke, Sarah Bonnert, Jos Diegel…]

The gatehouse on the ground floor of the AtelierFrankfurt will become the video gallery „con[SPACE]“ in which contemporary artistic positions of the moving image will be presented. The animations, videos, performances and installations thematize space as a changing constant: the conversion and transformation of cities, the temporality of architectures, the use of public places, privacy and the public sphere, life and housing.


2015 „Law’s Pluralities“ – conference and exhibition on the cultural construction of Law and legal writing, Neuer Kunstverein Gießen


2010-2015 The project „grenzlinien/borderlines“ gathered contemporary artistic, but also scientific, journalistic and activist positions on borders and border crossings with a focus on irregular migration in the European context. The exhibition series in Mainz (2010), Frankfurt (2012), Giessen (2013), and Bremen (2014) was accompanied by a publication published by gutleut verlag (2013).

The exhibition shows positions of contemporary artists that address migration, borders and border crossings. They provide aesthetic and documentary insights and tell stories of movement, disorientation, failure, resistance and hope. The works approach the realities of mobile people and the nature of today’s borders personally and carefully – in contrast to the images dominating the media, in which irregular migrants often appear as passive victims or as a danger to society.


2004-14 „visionale“ – annual hessian media festival, Frankfurt/Main. Exhibition in the foyer of the media festival.


2012-13 „grenzraum“ – exhibition series in the Project Display of the Frankfurter Kunstverein.  [artists: Winfried Baumann, Heiko Schäfer, Katrin Ströbel, Michael Wagener]

Under the programmatic title „grenzraum“ and following the project „grenzlinien“, the ProjektDisplay of the Frankfurter Kunstverein became a showcase for artistic works on the topic of borders, border crossings and migration. At this transit location in the subway station „Dom/Römer“ the exhibition program turns to one of the central themes of our globalized world and brings the movement across borders into the consciousness of the passers-by.


2011-13 neue studiogalerie – gallery project by spez.lab, Studierendenhaus/Offenes Haus der Kulturen, Bockenheim, Frankfurt/Main.


2012 “luminale 2012” international light/art festival in the Rhein Main Region – wb.jung & Hafen Offenbach.


2012 „Little Sisters“ – exhibition BritCult conference: „Big Brother is Watching You (Again)“ Gutenberg University Mainz. [artists: Sandip Shah, Monica Codourey, Manu Luksch]

2010-11 „toll mz“ – galerie für zeitgenössiche kunst, spez.lab, Mainz, Kultursommer RLP

2009-10 „toll ffm“ – galerie für zeitgenössiche kunst, spez.lab, Fahrgasse, Frankfurt/Main

The idea behind „toll – gallery for contemporary art“ was to create places for contemporary and site-specific art – dynamic, novel and unconventional places. To this end, the artist collective spez.LAB established an innovative format in public space that invites passers-by and visitors to pause and establish a relationship with the exhibits. For this purpose, flower pots were redesigned and transformed into „white cubes“, which are closed at the top with a transparent acrylic glass surface. In individual exhibitions, visitors could, in passing and looking from above, view the growing of contemporary art instead of flowers.



2009 „begegnungen & abschiede– exhibition during a conference on palliative medicine in Wiesbaden

2008 “luminale 2008” – international light/art festival in frankfurt – der letzte macht das licht aus

2007 “arrivals & departures“ – exhibition during the annual conference of the New English Literatures and Cultures (NELK) in Frankfurt/Main.

2006 ”container / contenedor – artistic exchange between the University of Fine Arts Montevideo/Uruguay, the Arts Academy in Stuttgart/Germany and the Goethe University Frankfurt/Germeny in cooperation with the Historical Museum Frankfurt and local galleries.

2005 „tod & vergänglichkeit / death and transience“ – exhibition on death and transience, Ausstellungshalle der Goethe Universität Frankfurt/Main