Techniques of Remembering and Forgetting

Techniques of Remembering and Forgetting

05.05. – 10.06.2015 Café Amelie, Walltorstr. 17, Giessen.

21.05.2015 Ana Bilankov: “In War and Revolution” (film screening)

For the period May 5 through June 10, 2015 the full exhibition will be shown in Café Amelie in Giessen’s Walltorstr. 17. There will be a gala event on Thursday, May 21, 2015 from 6-8:30 pm with prosecco and finger food.  In addition to opening words by Alexandra Müller, we will have a special guest with us for the evening. Ana Bilankov, a Croatian filmmaker, who deals with the topic of cultural amnesia will present her experimental documentary entitled “In War and Revolution” (2011) and answer questions.  This short film deals with the personal and cultural amnesia that occurred during and following the war in Croatia in the early 1990s.  Her work brings up questions of the possibility of fixing time and memory through artwork.

Passage im Exil!

Passage im Exil! Galerie Kaiser P
Ausstellung – Performance – Konzert – Jamsession – Barabend
31. Mai | 12-23 | Cantatesaal, Großer Hirschgraben 21, Frankfurt

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