Experiencing Space – Spacing Experience

The publication Experiencing Space – Spacing Experience: Concepts, Practices, and Materialities of the GCSC conference at  Ruhrtriennale 2013 was finally released. The book is available at WVT Verlag. Containing also one of my articles:

Raul Gschrey: „Opening the Closed Circuit: Artistic Practices in Spaces under Surveillance.“ In: Experiencing Space – Spacing Experience: Concepts, Practices, and Materialities.Berning, Nora; Schulte, Philipp; Schwanecke, Christine (eds.) Trier: WVT, 2014, 259-273.

Table of Contents

Interdisciplinary approaches to the intersection of space and experience, which comprise an emerging research topic in the study of culture, are few and far between. This conceptual volume maps the rapidly developing international field of research related to the presentation and representation of spatial experience as well as the experiential interfaces of space and experience – particularly in light of new directions in research, which include the exploration of space as a ‘cultural-theoretical’ or ‘psychogeographical’ category.

Far from merely revisiting the key concepts of space and experience within the study of culture, Experiencing Space – Spacing Experience highlights their interdisciplinary overlaps, discusses crucial (historical) practices linked to both notions, and explores the concepts’ positions within phenomena of transformation and materialization. Drawing on specific objects of inquiry, scholars from a wide range of culturally oriented disciplines provide theoretical frameworks for the intersection of space and experience and shed light on experience as a cross-disciplinary concept and as an affective and corporeal practice. Moreover, by revisiting well-known urban places, they illuminate topological imaginaries and concrete materialities in the study of literature and culture. In doing so, they examine the ramifications of the theoretical articulations of the spatial turn for the concept of experience.