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Melanie Gärtner
The Land In Between, documentary, 57’, 2012.




The rock sits mysteriously in the misty clouds across the sea: Gibraltar, the symbol for the other side. Europe looks very close from here. Having reached Ceuta you have almost made it there … one might think.




The documentary “The Land In Between” draws portraits of three irregular migrants that are stranded in Ceuta, the European enclave in Northern Africa. Basically at the destination of their journeys: Europe, only few kilometers from the mainland, they are condemned to live in "the land in between": on the one side the fortified borders towards the African continent, on the other side the ocean.




Melanie Gärtner (*1981) is ethnologist and, journalist and film-maker based in Frankfurt/Main. Since 2003 she explores West-Africa and the world. In her films, photographs, and articles she listens to people from other parts of the world and tells their stories. In 2009 and 2010 she spent several months in Ceuta and since then follows the steps of and stories of Blade Cyrille, Babu and Sekou - to Spain, France and Mali.http://landinbetween.com