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Katrin Ströbel
l'autre coté, 2-channel video installation, 2006.
worldwideprayingdirections, stencils, 2008 & ongoing.



The video installation l'autre coté shows two views over the sea, from France and from Senegal. Two brothers tell their story, they speak about migration, their experiences and what connects them over the sea.

The arrows and symbols of worldwideprayingdirections show the praying directions of Jews (Jerusalem), Muslims (Mekka) and Christians (East) at a specific place.



how to rock the casbah, 3-channel video installation, 2007.






The 3-channel video installation how to rock the casbah takes the well known punk song of the band “The Clash” as a starting point for reflections on diverse, often conflicting receptions of globally available cultural artefacts.

Katrin Ströbel (*1975 in Pforzheim) lives and works in Stuttgart, Frankfurt/Main and on her way. Longer periods working in France, Marrocco, Senegal, Nigeria, and South Africa. In her drawings, photographs, and (video-)installations she deals with questions of migration, home and rootedness, and cultural intermixture – mainly between Northern Africa and Europe. www.katrin-stroebel.de