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How do borders become visible in our world? How are they perceived? And how do they influence the everyday realities of migrants? By means of exhibitions, a programme of discussions, concerst and filmscreenings, as well as a publication, the project "grenzlinien/borderlines" adresses these questions.


Gallery of the University Library Giessen
14.11.2013-15.01.2014, Eröffnung 14.11.2013, 18.00 Uhr
Otto-Behaghel-Straße 8, 35394 Giessen
Open during the opening hours of the library (daily 08.30-23.00).

The "grenzlinien" exhibitions are always developing, they adapt to the local context and in relation to the venue. In the special space of the university library a combination of a presentation of the publication and an exhibition will be realised. Euro-pallets, which in the globalised world have become a metaphor for transnational movement, will be used as exhibition architecture. Ropes establish connections between the textual-academic and the artistic-aesthetic works and show interconnections.

Öffungszeiten///opening times
14.11.2013 - 15.01.2014 täglich///daily 08.30-23.00

14.11.2013 18.00 Eröffnung///opening

21.11.2013 18.00 Lecture: John Hutnyk
„Border, Music and Politics in Cultural Studies: MIA as Provocateur“

11.12.2013 20.00 Lesung: Marcus Roloff + Michael Wagener
„grenzgänge – u.a. nikosia, träume“

14.01.2014 18.00 Finissage + Filmscreening
„Im Land Dazwischen“ in Anwesenheit der Filmemacherin

& Weitere Veranstaltungen///& more


Past exhibitions/presentations

buchmesse | open books 2013
grenzlinien | von grenzen, grenzüberschreitungen und migration
10.10.2013, 20.00, Heusenstamm Galerie, Frankfurt/Main

Ausstellungshalle der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Sophienstrasse 1-3, Frankfurt am Main

„grenzraum“ im Projekt-Display des Frankfurter Kunstvereins: Katrin Ströbel
B-Ebene subway station „Dom/Römer“, Frankfurt am Main

Forum des Deutschen Werkbund Hessen
Inheidener Straße 2, B
ornheim, Frankfurt am Main

„grenzraum“ im Projekt-Display des Frankfurter Kunstvereins: Michael Wagener
B-Ebene subway station „Dom/Römer“, Frankfurt am Main

„grenzraum“ im Projekt-Display des Frankfurter Kunstvereins: Winfried Baumann
B-Ebene der subway station „Dom/Römer“, Frankfurt am Main

„grenzraum“ im Projekt-Display des Frankfurter Kunstvereins: Heiko Schäfer
B-Ebene der subway station „Dom/Römer“, Frankfurt am Main

20.11.- 24.11.2010 sankt peter Frankfurt/Main
in cooperation with theaterperipherie & sankt peter

22.05.-05.06.2010 Rheinufer Mainz
Kultursommer RLP 2010



grenzlinien. (Hg.: Raul Gschrey, Christine Taxer)
192 pages, 24 x 17 cm, german, Euro 25,00
ISBN 978-3-936826-58-6
1. Oktober 2013 | gutleut verlag, 2013
in bookstores or via www.gutleut-verlag.com

Raul Gschrey: “Exhibiting the Border. The Production and Reception of Artworks on Movement and Migration between Africa and Europe.” Präsentation @ Arts With(out) Borders, Bern, 06.-08.06.2013

Gschrey, Raul: "Tracing Borderlines. Shifting European Borders & Migratory Movement." In: Beyond Borders. Ed.: John Hutnyk, forthcoming.

Gschrey, Raul: „Borderlines. Surveillance, Identification and Artistic Explorations along European Borders.“ In: Surveillance & Society Vol9, 1/2 (2011) Surveillance and New Media Art. 185-202.

grenzlinien. presentation in the werkbund forum, frankfurt during the exhibition "synthesen" 03.12.2010, 19.00

Gschrey, Raul: "Grenzlinien. Gegen/zwischen/über Kunst und Grenzen" In: Synthesen, Hrsg.: werkbund.jung. Frankfurt, Mainz, Essen: Klartext Medien Verlag, 2010. 61-72.

grenzlinien: Ausstellung zu Grenzen und Grenzüberschreitungen. Landesart SWR, 29.05.10

"border crossings" exhibition & presentation on the conference "border reverb" of the beyond text - beyond borders network clandestino festival Göteborg, 08.-12.06.10

Gschrey, Raul: Borderlines – Realities of Surveillance and Identification and Artistic Explorations. Präsentation: "a global surveillance society?" City University London, 13.-15.04.10


16.11.-06.12.2012 "grenzlinien" in Frankfurt

Ausstellungshalle der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
„grenzraum“ im Projekt-Display des Frankfurter Kunstvereins

Forum des Deutschen Werkbund Hessen

Event programme:
15.11., 18.00, Ausstellungshalle der Goethe-Universität: Opening & Artist Talks.
Live: CJ Boyd (USA)

16.11., 19.00, Ausstellungshalle der Goethe-Universität: Filmscreening: „Plus minus
Null“ & „Fugace“, curated by M.-H. Gutberlet

19.11., 18.00, WerkbundForum: opening and flimscreening „Im Land Dazwischen” von Melanie
Gärtner. Introduction: Gogo Kontos (DWB, wb.jung)

22.11., 19.00, Ausstellungshalle der Goethe-Universität: discussion with
"grenzlinien" authors and artists, guests.: Heiko Schäfer, Judith Kopp, Bernd Kasaparek.

01.12., 18.00, Ausstellungshalle der Goethe-Universität: Finissage. Release of the publication
& concert: Vital Beach, Friendly Fire & DJs Lord Gergel & Bud Shaker

06.12., 19.00, Ausstellungshalle der Goethe-Universität: Abschlussveranstaltung in cooperation
with PRO ASYL, guests: Karl Kopp, Hagen Kopp.


22.05.-05.06.2010 Rheinufer Mainz
Kultursommer RLP 2010

For the exhibition project "borderlines" in Mainz overseas containers are used as temporary exhibition venues. The containers are placed at the shore of the Rhein, a place which stands for the international transit of goods but as well of meaning and world-views. The works which are shown in the exhibition link in with this year's Kultursommer topic "beyond borders". They deal with cultural and geographic as well as personal border constructions and transgressions. This also shows itself in the diverse artistic approaches of the invited artists which open associative spaces in (video-) installations, photography, collage, performance, and sculptural works. In addition the project offers a variety of corresponding events like film screening, concerts and talks. See some pictures of the show.