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Heiko Schäfer
Maritime Incidents, Photography, Text, Map, 2008.


The work deals with the topic of irregular migration over the Mediterranean Sea. Many boat people hope for a better future for themselves and their families in “golden Europe”. They flee from poverty, civil wars or political persecution and embark on the dangerous journey over the Sea in often unseaworthy boats. Quite a few of the wooden boats sink or do not reach their destinations and many of the refugees die on this journey.





Heiko Schäfer (*1983) lives and works in Berlin and Düsseldorf. After receiving his diploma at ”Lette Verein” with his work Maritime Incidents that won the prestigious “Gute Aussichten” award for young photography he studies at the art academy in Düsseldorf. The artist works in a narrative-documentary way: His still-lives show places and objects which have a history and tell a story. Through his sensitive, at the first glance reserved observations, his photographs evoke emotions and open imaginative spaces.

Maritime Incidents, photography, 2008.