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gold extra
Frontiers, computer game, 2008 & ongoing.



Through the eyes of refugees we perceive Europe from the outside, the fences, the walls - the fortress and gain insight into the excluding structures of Europe. Frontiers consists of an online computer game, a website with interactive and communicative features and interviews with experts and migrants. The game is a "social mod": gold extra has used the technical basis of a first-person role-game to develop a modifacation ("Mod") In Frontiers not only the visual content is modified, but as well the gaming-strategies and the context. www.frontiers-game.com



Frontiers, computer game, 2008.
  The Austrian group of artists "gold extra" produces works in and in between fine arts, performance, music and hybrid media. They are engaged in constant research in innovative art forms to create the matching formal environment for their ideas. www.goldextra.com