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Ximena Aburto Felis
Ausländeramt / Immigration Office, one-channel video installation, 20’, 2007.



The one-channel video installation Immigration Office shows the queue in front of the immigration office of Frankfurt. This place connected to the destiny of many immigrants living in Frankfurt. Everyday, even before dawn, people go there to line up. As soon as the office opens the line disappears.


Ausländeramt, one-channel video installation, 20’, 2007.
Ximena Aburto Felis (*1978 in Chile) studied in Chile and Germany. She lives and works in Hamburg. Her videos and installations deal with her view of reality and self-awareness and her personal history. She addresses phenomena of human perception and interweaves fictitious and real happenings and memories. She often uses her own body as medium for performative-narrative works.