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Utopia auf Tour

Sonntag, 22.06.2014
9.30 – 19.00 Uhr Tagesexkursion „Zum Harriersand

Treffpunkt. Martinianleger, Bremen

Vortrag von Dr. Steffen Wiegmann & Führung von Rolf Schmidt

Gesprächsrunde „Migration heute“ mit:
Katharina Wolter – Bremer Rat für Migration
Julia Erb – Transit Gießen, ein Heimatmuseum
Raul Gschrey – Kurator Ausstellung „grenzlinien“ Weiterlesen

Curating Culture

Curating Culture: How to Communicate “The Whole Earth”: Lecture and Open Forum with Anselm Franke (HKW Berlin) Fred Turner (Stanford University), Vera Fischer (GCSC Giessen)

11.06.2014, 18.00, Alte Kupferschmiede, Tiefenweg 9, 35390 Giessen – GCSC event organized by Vera Fischer & RA4 (GCSC)

The field of Science Communication is a central topic in the study of culture. Questions appear, such as: how can scientific issues be brought into the public discourse?; Which methods could provide access to the complexity of scientific contents. Curating Culture: How to Communicate the “Whole Earth“ addresses the field of Science Communication with a closer view on exhibition practices and curation.  Fred Turner (Stanford University) will give a lecture drawing on essential links between cold war exhibition practices and the psychedelic counterculture and set the stage for discussing present practices of curation in the open forum together with the curator Anselm Franke (Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW), Berlin), chair: Vera Fischer (GCSC, Giessen).

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