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Mug shots & Burning Caravans

Review of the exhibition „La Traversée“ by Mathieu Pernot in the „Jeu de Paume”, Paris, March 2014.

The exhibition „La Traversée“ by Mathieu Pernot in the „Jeu de Paume“, Paris opens with a wall of photographic portraits: small and large-scale, colour and black and white. The subject of all images is a boy turning into a man over the time, offering glimpses into his life. The portraits of the Roma individual set the tone for an examination of concepts of sedentary and nomadic living life.

Entering the exhibition space, in a niche on the left hand side, a work compiled from historical identification documents, interviews and photographic portraits shows how non-conform, nomadic behavior was restricted through heavy police pressure far into the 20th century. The personal stories and artistic portraits contradict the externally prescribed identity in the signaletic cards and nomadic passes.

mathieu_pernot01 mathieu_pernot02 mathieu_pernot03

In another work, on an adjoining wall, the historical mug shots and documents are contrasted with a series of photo-machine portraits that the artist produced with the children of the Roma family he is working with since his university days. The self-portraits hint at the ongoing administrative pressure directed against the non-sedentary population.

mathieu_pernot04 mathieu_pernot05 mathieu_pernot06

This is not restricted to the distant past as a series of large scale photographs of today’s disciplinary institutions, prison yards illustrate. A series of portraits shows family members trying to communicate with the inmates beyond the high walls. These state institutions still extend their influence in an extraordinary manner on the non-sedentary population.

mathieu_pernot07 mathieu_pernot08 mathieu_pernot09

In the next part of the exhibition, this apparatus of identification and population management meets images of sedentary life in the 20th century, concrete housing structures, their de-individualising character, but also their increasing disappearance as overcome and no longer acceptable spaces for residence.

Photographs of a burning caravan and alighted faces of a group of onlookers terminate this circle of a description of society that goes way beyond the documentary realm. Mathieu Pernot is mixing and composing, comparing and opposing story threats and offers new perspectives on – and readings of – our pre-structured and often unquestioned realities of contemporary life and questionable strategies of upholding this status quo.

„grenzlinien“ @ UB Giessen

The exhibition and publication project “grenzlinien/borderlines” brings together artistic, scientific and political positions on borders, border crossings and migration. Originating in the exhibition, a wide ranging examination of the topic evolved, that reflects and develops the interest of the artistic works in theoretical positions. Also in the presentation in the university library Giessen the artistic-visual and textual contributions meet on equal terms; they complement each other and and question the established borders between arts and science and politics. Euro-pallets, which have become a symbol for transnational movement, are used as exhibition architecture.

GR_GI001k GR_GI002k GR_GI006k grenzlinien_giessen02 GR_GI021k GR_GI014k GR_GI009k GR_GI013k GR_GI019k

The refugee tragedies and the intensifying situation in the Mediterranean in the past weeks give the topic a sad timeliness. The connection to the project becomes obvious in its focus on Lampedusa as a central route for irregular migration to Europe. The artist works, academic and political texts however remain not in the realm of the descriptive, they are developing new Imagery, question the backgrounds and European politics and stimulate critical thinking, also about our personal position in relation to the topic.

The Land In Between

14.01.2014 18.00 Finissage + Filmscreening
„Im Land Dazwischen“/“The Land In Between“ (English subtitles)

The finissage offers the last opportunity to visit, have a drink and discuss about the exhibition. We will also be showing the documentary „The Land in Between“ of the Frankfurt-based filmmaker Melanie Gärtner, who will be present for an exchange after the screening. “The Land In Between” follows the stories of the three protagonists Blade Cyrille (Cameroon), Sekou (Mali) and Babu (India). On their way to Europe they find themselves in a place from which they can move neither forward nor backwards. In Ceuta, a Spanish exclave on the Northern coast of Morocco, they are so close. But the Fortress Europe is shutting down its frontiers. Does this mean their dreams of Europe are really over? The documentary accompanies the young men in their everyday life and records their attempts to deal with the situation … and to get out.

grenzgänge – u.a. nikosia, träume

11.12.2013 20.00 Lesung: Marcus Roloff + Michael Wagener in der „grenzlinien“ Ausstellung, Universitätsbibliothekl Gießen.

Lesung mit dem Lyriker Marcus Roloff und dem Verleger und Künstler Michael Wagener, die Texte aus Ihren gemeinsamen Projekten lesen. Die jahrelange Zusammenarbeit führte u.a. zu Texten und Collagen, die in der Ausstellung zu sehen sind und die im Rahmen der „grenzlinien“ Publikation veröffentlicht wurden.

grenzsteine diachron

03.12.2013 18.00 Vortrag///Lecture: Konrad Hierasimowicz + Paul Schumacher + Raul Gschrey

Bei Reisen im Schengen-Raum erscheinen Staatsgrenzen immer weniger relevant. Sie verblassen allmählich in unserer räumlichen Wahrnehmung. Abseits der urbanen Verdichtungsräume und Verkehrsnetze spannt sich umrandet von Wäldern ein dichtes, mit nummerierten Steinen markiertes Netz von Grenzlinien. Auch wenn diese historischen Denkmäler teilweise aus der frühen Neuzeit stammen, haben sie oft noch latente soziale Auswirkungen. In Korrespondenz zur Präsentation von Konrad Hierasimowicz, die Beispiele aus der Region Mittelhessen zeigt, stellt Raul Gschrey Arbeiten des luxemburger Künstlers Paul Schumacher vor.

„grenzlinien“ @ open books, book fair FFM

In über 40 künstlerischen, dokumentarischen und wissenschaftlichen Beiträgen setzt sich das Buch mit dem Themenbereich Grenzen, Grenzlinien und Migration auseinander, das von Christine Taxer und Raul Gschrey herausgegeben wurde und die zusammen mit ausgewählten Gästen – u.a. Judith Kopp von Pro Asyl – das Buch an diesem Abend zum ersten Mal vorstellen werden.

///In over 40 artistic, documentary and academic contributions the book deals with the topic of borders, border lines and migration. The book, edited by Christine Taxer and Raul Gschrey, will be presented for the first time together with guests, among others Judith Kopp (Pro-Asyl).

Buchvorstellung und Lesung | Donnerstag, 10.10.2013 | 20.00 Uhr Heussenstamm-Galerie | Braubachstraße 34 | 60311 Frankfurt/Main

grenzlinien_buchmesse01 grenzlinien_buchmesse02 grenzlinien_buchmesse03

„grenzraum“ Projekt-Display des Frankfurter Kunstverein

12.07.-20.12.2012 @ Projekt-Display, Frankfurter Kunstverein

Under the programmatic title „grenzraum“/“border space“ artistic works on borders, border crossings and migration were assembled in the „ProjektDisplay“ of the „Frankfurter Kunstverein“. In the display window in the transit space of the subway station „Dom/Römer“, the series of exhibitions addresses one of the central topics of our globalised world and draws the movement across borders to the attention of visitors and passers-by.

///Unter dem programmatischen Titel „grenzraum“ wurden künstlerische Arbeiten zum Thema Grenzen, Grenzüberschreitungen und Migration im Projekt-Display des Frankfurter Kunstvereins versammelt. An diesem Transitort in der U-Bahn Station „Dom/Römer“ wendet sich das Ausstellungsprogramm einem der zentralen Themen unser globalisierten Welt zu und rückt die Bewegung über Grenzen ins Bewusstsein der Besucher und Passanten